Throwback to Pregnancy….

First off, first post on WordPress! Yahooooo! Now for my post😉 ….

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I looked like this!

Pregnant with Mr.R

Pregnant with Mr.R

I was waiting and waiting for his arrival and then time went into fast forward and he’s about to be a year old. The pregnancy dragged on for what seemed like forever. I was sick all the time and even managed to get food poisoning and end up in the hospital. Mr.M spent way too much time in front of the TV during those 9 months. The beginning of January 2013 I was sent for twice weekly monitoring when they believed I had Polyhydramnious, they finally induced me on February 6, 2013. The Birthing Pavilion became packed and they stopped my induction, but nature took over and I had a speedy labor with no meds. It’s strange to say this about a 10.1lb baby, but he kinda just came out. Well, enough reminiscing…

It’s definitely bittersweet. I’m excited to see what he does this next year, he already runs around and says a few words. He LOVES to pretend to talk on the phone and he’s starting to really play with his brother. But, I know he is my last baby. We planned for two and we got two beautiful little men. Neither of them are little babies anymore, well at night they both still love to be held like they are, but they’re quickly becoming little boys. Sometimes I feel like I’ve wasted time on things instead of just being with them. I’m always WITH them, but you know what I mean. When my Etsy shop picked up there was definitely times when I was preoccupied with trying to make lists or weaving in lose ends. I’ve been working really hard to stop that. Making the changes I feel I need to make to know in my mind (and heart) that all of my time is focused on them.

We’ve done a ton of just hanging out at our little house over the past year and everyday the mess gets a little bigger and a little crazier. Boyyyyysssss. I’m told I should treasure cleaning up these huge messes because one day I won’t have anyone to clean up after and I will be sad. I even get weepy when I think about sending Mr.M to school and that’s still some time away. Why do they have to get bigger…stay little my little men!

Birthday planning is well under way! Another Thomas party for us! I’m pretty sure that when we look back at their childhoods it will look like we lived on the island of Sodor. I’m okay with that. I need to embrace the steamies and enjoy their childhoods!

Train lovers for life or so Mr.M tells me!



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