129 things

It’s pretty amazing how cleaning out your stuff spills over into other aspects of your life. Since I started cleaning out, not very long ago, I have found it easier to “clean out” things that are not “things”. I’m finding it easier to prioritize and feel content.

My house is so much easier to keep neat and clean and this is before we tackle the the toy/school room! My house feels nicer and I no longer feel the need to switch decorations around everyday. I’ve also cleaned out some obligations that just weren’t necessary, which feels awesome ! My MIND feels way more at ease, no busy thoughts or worry. Schooling is easier, this could be because we’re wrapping things up or because I feel more focused when we do sit down to it, either way it’s good!

We’ve been able to spend lots of time outside this week and we love it! The boys and I really enjoy hiking and I’m gearing up for the biggest hike I’ve ever done, so this clear mind set and gorgeous weather is perfect!

Cleaning out has become slower. I plan to take on a few big areas this week which should help my numbers! 😂 this past week I pulled a few more things out of my closet and coat closet. I promised a friend a few boy’s clothing pieces this Friday. My pile of stuff I’ve already parted with, but still have listed on sites will be donated if it does not sell by this weekend, which means space! I love empty space!


730 things update- I’m currently up to 129 after getting rid of 12 things this past week!

1 vest

1 jacket

1 bathing suit

6 pieces of clothing

3 pieces of toddler bedding



2 sets of toddler sheets to a friend’s friend $8

1 toddler desk on a yard sale site $10

and a bathing suit in the final minutes on EBay…I’ll let you know how that turns out 😉



117 things- update!

I apologize, I’ve been trying to write this post for 24 hours and the pictures are really not cooperating!


This week I was able to get rid of 23 things- this ranged from make-up drawer junk-to linens-to a kid’s desk that sat in a closet acting as a blockade. 😂 I have been feeling like I could get rid of everything and today started to feel like I have gotten rid of everything! I’m starting to feel like all of my “disposable” things are gone and I’m really going to have to start making some tough decisions. The warmer weather should be here anytime now and I know I can get quite a few things out of the garage, but it’s not going to bring me from today’s 117 to 730! It’s time to really get to work I guess.

I’m already starting to feel better, less anxious and consumed by things. I’ve even been bored…what!? That’s what happens when your mom takes the kids for the night and your husband goes out! I have had some time to think about what I really want now. I know I want to travel with the kids, spend more time outdoors, do more family activities. Saving money on frivolous things will definitely enable us to travel more and make some memories that we may not have been able to make otherwise. Having less stuff means less stuff to clean and organize.

I’ve thought about my personal goals and they very much include my children. I want to hike more and luckily I’ve found a mom friend who is also with her kids all the time! This should make for enjoyable hiking for everyone! I also hope to accomplish a goal I set last year and hike Mt.Washington…while the kids are with their dad at a natural water slide or something! 😄 As our first year really homeschooling comes to a close I have decided to continue this Summer with a natural based curriculum and will switch back to Timberdoodle in the Fall.

See lots more thinking time when I’m not shopping or organizing! Wait until I start on food! 😜


What happened with my stuff-

EBay/things sold to friends- $38

Thredup bags are still waiting to be processed.

Another trash bag full has been donated

several things are listed on yard sale sites.


*To see pics of my purge as it happens follow me on Instagram.


94 things! Weekly update!

This week was going great! Full of momentum and great purging success and then the kids got sick. We also welcomed more stuff into our house, a big boy bed and new bedding for my youngest, new sneakers and Tball stuff for my oldest. Then we ordered our first grade curriculum at its launch price (lowest time + a gift card). One step forward, two steps back!

After getting rid of 7 things today, ranging from underwear to old pillows I’m now at 94 things purged! Not 730, but well on my way!

I did not complete any sales this week. We also had lots of unavoidable spending and also a fabric purchase ☺️

Tomorrow we meet someone to pick-up our old Thomas toddler bed for $125 and another to pick-up our cozy coupe for $20. I also have a toddler desk listed for $20.

I have one active eBay listing, I’ll add another tomorrow.

I sent in two HUGE bags to ThredUp!

I scored some freebies last weekend! 4 tickets to a minor league baseball game, two tickets to a bounce place, another two for mini golf, two for bowling, and two to an event of our choice at one of our favorite farms!


730 things day 2


Today I got rid of 17 items! 4 placemats and 13 pairs of underwear 😂 skipping that pic! I think from now on I’ll update once a week on my purge of 730 items, but daily on Instagram, so follow me there! 😂Obvisiously underwear will go in the trash, but the placemats will go to my donate bag.

This week I sold one item on eBay for $16 and have one item still listed. I would really love to get rid of most of it and hop on project 333, but it scares me!has anyone started it?




730 things

My favorite blogs at the moment are minimalist blogs. I love the idea of being a minimalist, but I believe I’m somewhere in between being a minimalist and a “give me all the things”!

For about a year I’ve been slowly purging items. Some have been donated, some I sold, some hit the trash, but I’ve been really trying to eliminate our “stuff”. I’ve started telling the kids that the less we have, the less we have to worry about! Along with that  it saves money and I’ve had a goal for the past two years to spend more money on activities rather than things. Yes, I bought a dog, but I do not consider her a thing! I even felt a little guilt when purchasing a big boy bed for my little! That’s a necessity though and Thomas the train will be sold on a yard sale group.


When I purged today it felt a little easier to put things in the pile. I haven’t been keeping track of how many things I’ve been getting rid of, but I will start today(I’m guessing it’s well into the hundreds, if not more). I’m sentimental though, so don’t expect the millennial “objects hold no value” mentality from me!😜 My grandpa’s picture, parents’ wedding invitation, and Nana’s quilt will stay.

I’m starting this a bit late, but I hope to get rid of at least 730 objects this year! If it’s more great! It means that for each day this year I get rid of two things! So let’s start…

March 24th purge


Shoes- 2 pairs

clothing- 24 pieces

=28 things and counting….




Evolving Challenge

I absolutely intended for my challenge to be a short term thing, but I’m enjoying it! I have dreams of taking the boys all over the place and enjoying everything we possibly can, but I know that with all my stuff and pointless spending it won’t happen. I’ve always enjoyed shopping, but all I have to show for it are giant thredup bags and massive purge piles(that stairmaster took up some space!).

Since getting on the KonMari bandwagon a year ago I have freed myself and my family of an amazing amount of STUFF. I’ve said it before and i’m sure I’ll say it again…It feels better to get rid of stuff than acquire it! If someone had said that before I started this I would’ve thought they were insane! It’s so true though!

Have you cut back? Purged? Changed your ways? What have you done? What were your motives?





Old Navy- $15 after coupons and codes

Itunes- $7.99 what!? I’m a die hard Gwen Stefani fan!

Kindle- $9.99 Ruth Soukup’s LWS Zero.




Ebay- I sold 3/5 listings for a total of $56

Yard sale groups- I have 4 listings that aren’t moving, but I’m hopeful

Thredup-worked on realistically purging again and sent a giant bag in

Total= $56



Dropped off a bag of my clothing at Listen

Gathered baby items for a friend



Spent it all….

If you’ve read about my attempt at spending very little the past few months you probably know it was so I could pay for my puppy with cash and without touching our budgeted money. I did it! She is super sweet!


We welcomed Bowie on Friday and she fits into our family perfectly! She’s a little wild woman! The excitement of getting a new puppy comes with the damper of spending all the money I had saved. I worked so hard to make extra money and keep my spending way down. My attempt at spending nothing did not work, BUT I was able to make up EVERY PENNY I spent by either making something for someone or selling something (it also helped that I got birthday money from my nana that paid for an outfit and most of a new swimsuit)!

Now that all the money I saved is gone I have decided that being a “saver” feels like a game and I totally want to win! I going to go into April with the goal of keeping up my ways. All my personal fun money will be saved and I have to somehow earn however much I need to get what I want to buy!


what I made this week-

$19 on eBay (I have 5 listings up now and one is already getting bids

$25 from selling a kid’s picnic table on a yard sale group

$25 from the newborn study my now 3-year old is still in (they need his poop-yuck!)

I spent $62 this weekend on table decor- we’ve been hosting a lot of guests lately and our sets did not cover the amount of people we’ve been having and we’re also hosting Easter this year. BUT, I made up for the spending with those sales! 😆 and I got my puppy! 🐶👍🏻




Boots and boys

We recently enjoyed our “Boot” day from our Mother Goose Time kit. My guys loved it! The idea of checking your boots for snakes and scorpions seemed awesome to them! They were so intrigued that we had to watch a Scorpion and Centipede fight on YouTube, need less to say the scorpion was dinner. Yum….that’s boys for ya!


The boot game was such a fun way to practice throwing and counting. My youngest practiced counting up his counters, but I used this opportunity to customize an activity to meet the needs of each individual child. Mr.R counted from 1-10, but Mr.M practiced counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 20s! It’s important to use the curriculum to fit your needs. I’ve heard concerns from people who are looking at Mother Goose Time, they are afraid that kids need to follow the directions exactly and complete each activity and art piece as stated. That’s definitely not the case! First, there is no one that will check the work your child completes, if you want to skip a topic all together you are free to do so and second, Mother Goose Time recognizes that children develop, learn, and create differently and they allow lean way and exploration with their plans.

MGT provides an additional planning guide for those with extra little guys, as well as additional learning material for those in kindergarten. They also understand that each parent may adjust their plans as needed. I feel that I can use the same activities for both my 3&5 year olds and modify the activity to meet their needs.


Art activities are just another area where kids are free to create as they please! MGT provide us with the idea for the activity, boots in this instance, and the materials, but each child is allowed the space to make the activity as they see it! A great chance for creative exploration. M was very into completing the activity as pictured, while R is a bit of free spirit when it comes to creating art. ☺️

Mother Goose Time is a great fit for every child!







*This post is sponsored by Mother Goose Time*

March Box Opening

Sorry for the quick blogging break! It’s been a bit hectic with starting new routines, new classes, and getting a new family member (check out my Instagram page for that)! I’ve seriously fallen behind with my blogging, so expect to see a few posts from me this week!

Mother Goose Time has sent us another wonderful box! So let’s have a box opening! I plan to do this at the beginning of each month from now on.

So here we go…

This month’s theme is Discover the Desert! Perfect for us because Mr.M has been studying different deserts. Like always they include two manipulatives, counting cubes and ponies. Also, a CD and all the handy planning tools and activity information. This month we received a bonus Easter pack with fun activities and ideas.

Every day is prepackaged, week color coded, and wonderful! My sons were so excited to talk about Cowboys and snakes! We have some awesome topics this month for our Desert unit! This month is perfect! Thanks Mother Goose Time!



Goal update- losing motivation

Maybe it’s just because it’s  March, a notoriously blah month, but I’m losing motivation! I’ve tried to be really good about not spending as I saved to pay for the puppy on my own and overall I have been. I did spend money on two outfits and sweatpants for February birthdays, I used coupons which brought my total to a little over $100. I personally think that’s pretty good.

Last week I earned another $19 on eBay, $16 from a crochet order and $50 gift from a family member for my birthday! Gotta love how even when you’re in your thirties you still get birthday cash! 😄 I spent it already! Blah! I desperately needed a new swim suit, I’ve had the same one for four years now and it’s seen better days. I made sure that it was money I earned outside my budget, in my initial pact with my friend we decided earned money, outside usual budget could be spent. I spent some of the extra money from last month on puppy supplies(bed,toys,leash,shampoo), $39 to be exact. To add to my guilt I bought a new shirt tonight, so now I’m determined to make it up this week!