Food for thought!

In my short time homeschooling I have discovered that kids can learn in many ways other than sitting at a desk! My kids love experiments, art projects, field trips, and cooking. You can learn so many lessons during a good cooking/baking/making session!

When baking and cooking you have the opportunity to work on following directions, safety, measuring and math skills, developing fine motor skills, and study the important lesson of nutrition! Recently we explored the food pyramid (you can explore activities and print your own atย ). My kids knew their fruits, vegetables, and dairy, but when it came to grains and certain proteins they didn’t really know where to categorize them….what 4 year old ponders where beans fit in their life!? We used manipulatives, mainly our Farmer’s Market Garden Sorterย to explore fruits and vegetables. By using the Choose My Plate Template we were able to explore portion size.


Image from choose my plateย (which you need to visit!)


The Farmer’s Market set is available in the Mother Goose on-line store.

I find it extremely important for my kids to know where their food comes from! I have seen children who have no idea where milk comes from or that fruit can grow on a tree! It boggles my mind! Mother Goose Time recently had a unit on harvest and we were able to explore where different foods came from! It included lots of great manipulatives and activities. My sons loved using their fruit beads to sort into pie plates, play farmer’s market with, and finally string them into necklaces. There were great art activities too, my sons loved using beans to make apples cores with “seeds”.

Mother Goose Time also provides us with at least on recipe card for us to work on together each month. This month’s topic is transportation so we have been provided with a recipe card for a “Bridge Snack”. Each project gives us an opportunity to follow directions, practice safety, and discuss what’s going into our body. We haven’t gotten around to doing this project yet, but we hope to do it tomorrow….a nice healthy snack to go along with the sugar cookies we’ll be making! ๐Ÿ˜





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Mother Goose Time has asked me to write about the things my kids love most, science experiments & cooking! My sons live for hands-on activities! They love to get their little hands dirty and engage in experiments. With hands-on activities we need to remember that sometimes there can be a bit of danger, a stove, maybe a chemical! So, let’s talk safety!

Monday is our science experiment day, I have worked really hard this year to get my guys into a routine and teach them the importance of being safe and following directions. Whenever we start a science experiment I like them to put there hands together and wait for all the directions to be read, I don’t need little excited fists of fury knocking everything over and grabbing away at things that they shouldn’t be. Listening is the key to safety! After reading directions we always discuss what materials we need and we place them within reach. We review the directions and then work step-by-step! We do the same with cooking, with cooking we always review how dangerous certain items can be, like knives when making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (we only used butter knives). In the future it will be just as important to review before science experiments, but for now they use harmless things.

The key to safety with hands on experiments is definitely listening skills! It’s a great time to practice listening skills, by it is a time when they most certainly count! Mother Goose Time provides activities in their plan that allow you to engage in experiments and cooking! My sons have made their own PB&Js and cheese faces that came in the fall party pack, thanks to Mother Goose Time plans and they love doing it! Be safe, read the plan, then go step-by-step!

image image image

Best box ever!

This post is just to rave about this month’s Mother Goose Time box! They really out did themselves! My sons have enjoyed this box so much and everything in it is amazing. The manipulatives are fantastic my youngest enjoys playing with them for activities and both like playing with them all day! The Traffic Jam game was loads of fun and making stop lights was a great time. This kit is amazing! It’s not too late to order!


*picture taken form the Mother Goose Time site*


Let’s Write!

What a busy week for us!? This past week we planned for Halloween and my oldest’s 5th birthday! We had a party to celebrate both. I’m still tired after last week! This week we’re just as busy with a field trip on my man’s actual birthday!

This was one of the things I scrambled to complete!

It’s crazy to think he will be 5. I can’t believe time has passed so quickly. I’m not even sure how I feel! I do know that I’m happy that I can have so much time with him! I love that homeschooling gets us more time together. He’s learned so much just in the 2 months since we’ve started kindergarten. Not every day is easy but these years are going by really quickly.

Mr.M is REALLY getting reading down, which thrills me! Mr.R is just as eager! He walks around spelling his name out all the time. He’s enjoying reading with his brother. They’ve been working on writing and it’s great! M is so great at sounding out words and spelling correctly. R is learning new things every day with his Mother a Goose a Time Curriculum.

R enjoys his monthly journal. He may not follow it exactly, but it’s great practice for him. He is writing his name more, maybe not in the right order, but I know what he means. Mother Goose Time journals have prompts, sometimes it’s learning new skills by making shapes, often time it incorporates colors. I know that with practice it will come. I can’t wait to let him write in the black sand provided in “Road” day in the On the Go kit!



Sadly, I didn’t snap too many pictures this week. We were too busy working hard! We’re a bit behind on our Mother Goose Time kit because we school Monday-Thursday with homeschool co-op on Fridays. Thankfully, Mother Goose Time allows us to be flexible!

This is week we talked about different fruits that grow on trees, which I loved! The kids enjoyed some great activities and we really made a push with reading this week! We are working stealily in The Reading Lesson for our Kindergarten curriculum, but Mother Goose Time also provided lots of reading exercises this week! Mr.M has really moved forward with reading and the book “Big Pig” in the lemon unit was absolutely perfect for M! He was able to read it straight through without problem AND the fun part was the Mr.R had his own copy and was able to follow along as M worked his way through it! They provided sight word activities as well ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

M has been working on his reading for some time and with his 5th birthday fast approaching I’m really happy with his reading level, I couldn’t be prouder! This has to be my favorite part of homeschooling. I get to watch my sons learn new things everyday and I even get the unbelievable feeling of knowing I taught him that! It is amazing. I love teaching M and R. Sure days are hard, but sitting with them and watching them have interest in things and learn new things and getting the chance to work through things together is just awesome!

Reading gets me most excited! I know that this is just the gateway! This will open all the doors to learning about everything for ever! M has really been proud of himself lately and I love it. I really hope he is a book worm ๐Ÿ˜‰ I always tell him that once you can read you can learn about anything you want and I know that excites him!


PS Mother Goose Time November kits are out and they are amazing! The manipulatives are ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป the kids have played with them all weekend.

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Thank you, Mother Goose Time!

Some weeks can be crazy! This past week seemed crazy to me! Classes, groups, sports, appointments, SCHOOL, field trips, cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry….I could go on. Being a homeschool mom often means I have no time to myself (I did get to go to the doctor’s alone this week…that counts I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰). Staying organized and on the ball with school can really be a challenge and I really LOVE a clean house, but I’ll save that for another day!


Every Sunday I sit down and map out my oldest’s school week, but I don’t always have time to gather/shop for everything I need for crafts and activities for my littlest. Mother Goose Time really is a blessing! The people at Mother Goose Time carefully plan, choose, and put together everything you need for a great month of fun for your littles!


Literally every day is planned out, of course there’s some wiggle room and you can always adapt or eliminate pieces you don’t care for. They also have two guides one for the really little guys and one for the pre-schoolers! The crafts and activities are so fun that my older guy does them too ๐Ÿ˜€.

If if you are looking for a curriculum for your littles, I highly recommend investing in Mother Goose Time. Both parent and child have loads of fun and they take some of the struggle of planning (Pinterest surfing) away from you.

Tree Time!

We are LOVING this month’sย Mother Goose Time theme! We are working our way through the Into the Orchard theme and this past week we studied trees, focusing on the different parts of a tree. My kids are huge craft kids so they really enjoyed making trees!


The shape blocks were another big hit! These guys just loved making the patterns and it’s something that we can leave out on our activity tray all month! The seed sort is another GREAT activity that can stay out for them to do whenever they like!


Now that we’re into our second month with our new routine it feels like we’re getting it! The transition has been a big change for us. After circle the boys do a lot of separate activities and that can be hard on them and on me! Mr.R is starting to get used to doing his own activities and learning to follow directions. He is definitely working on his listening skills and has a way to go. Mother Goose Time provides us with loads of opportunities to work on listening and speaking, but one of the simplest ways they have us work on listening skills is during circle time. Working on our board has proven to be a challenge at times, but it’s now part of our very important routine! We talk about the date, day of the week, weather, number and letter of the day. They are asked to do things at this time and it opens them up to thinking and participation for the day! There are so many chances to learn with Mother Goose Time!


ps we’re still using our ASL alphabet from last month!


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This week Mother Goose Timeย asked me to write about Community. I started thinking about what being part of a community means to me. I think of it as joining in and participating in the area you live in, taking part in everything it has to offer. Living here in Vermont we don’t have the most available activities and groups, but the kids take part in classes at a local art center and participate in co-op. They have a nice little community that they engage in. They get a chance to play and enjoy time with other kids.

Mr.M is very empathetic, he deeply feels for others. Learning about feelings this month, discussing how others feel and how you can impact someone’s emotions was interesting. The unit on Saying a Sorry opened up a lengthy discussion about accidents, saying sorry, and how he feels….all I can say is he really feels for others. There were so many great activities this month! My guys had several favorites, the take care cards, sharing boxes, and friendship bracelets were great! They were fun and opened up great discussions involving how they impact others and how they feel.

Then I started thinking more globally. As a former social worker I feel like I have a different view of community, I have been incredibly active in communities. I have seen different ways of life, traditions, and beliefs. Then the thinking really began! Last year Mr.M trick-or-treated for UNICEF after we had a discussion about how some children to do not have access to clean water. I was surprised by how upset my then 3 year old was. He was very upset and he started thinking about all the other things kids may not have and really truly need.

I want my children to think globally when they think of community. I want my sons to be people who want to be of service to others. It’s probably time to start learning about what volunteer opportunities are available to my almost 5 year old. For now I’ll have another discussion about UNICEF and we’ll trick-or-treat for UNICEF again and hopefully make this an annual tradition to support others.


You can donate to our UNICEF fundraiser here-ย



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Another week in the books.

This was another sick week for us! I actually ended up at the hospital mid-week, but as any homeschooler knows, ย you must push on!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal, a little slow, a little extra rest, and a little late to start. Wednesday things went Down hill! I woke up unable to breath and showering actually made it way worse. Needless to say we went to the hospital were I had some tests, scopes, and x-rays, and I finished a bottle of steroids today.

Thursday we hopped back in and somehow did two days worth of school in one! This was another week that I realized just how much I realized I love Mother Goose Time. This week we were able to play games and do awesome crafts without me having to worry about planning or gathering and it’s exactly what I needed this week. They make it so easy for me! Not just when I’m so sick that I feel like I can barely move, but when I’m focusing on getting things together for my older son.

My youngest son really enjoyed making the puppy headband this week! If I had been in better shape I would’ve made sure that I got a picture of the three eared headband! It was also pretty sweet when they made friendship bracelets and exchanged them in the sharing boxes MGT provided!

Later in the week I pulled it together and made it to the first regular meeting of our homeschool co-op. We have a lot of wrinkles to iron out, but my guys definitely loved getting together with some other homeschoolers for a few hours. I really think that things can work out and be great for my guys! I’m really looking forward to weekly meetings and field trips!


Sick and *emotional*

So, let me start by saying that being a sick when you’re a homeschooler is not so good, throw in sick toddler and it becomes nearly impossible! Last Sunday my youngest started to sound a little off, the next morning he was full blown sick and I quickly followed suit! In our efforts to get the kids out there I think we brought some lovely germs back home.

It’s hard enough to stick to plans and schedules around here, but with a screaming, snotty dude it was extra difficult. We started every day last week at least half and hour late. Mr.R made it difficult for Mr.M to focus. Somehow M pushed through and got his work done, including a science experiment that he loved! Awwww love my little science man. ๐Ÿ˜Š R did make it difficult! Thank goodness for Mother Goose Time! I had no energy to plan things for him, especially when he wasn’t feeling well and was all over the place.


Last week our Mother Goose Time kit focused on emotions. R was probably too sick to take it all in, but he wasn’t to sick to enjoy the fun activities they had planned for the kids! While M focused on his work R really enjoyed playing the Feelings Shape Game, over and over….. He always loves a good craft too (just like M!)! His absolute favorite was the clown, which he improved on today by adding a beard like daddy’s! ๐Ÿ˜ Times like these I can’t sing the praises of Mother Goose Time enough!


In conclusion, I can say we survived! R had some fun despite being super sick and M showed me just how much he enjoys his work and routine! We did spend some extra time sitting in the living room reading Harry Potter though!


Fingers crossed we ALL start to feel better soon!