Falling behind

The plan this Summer was to take June off from school and then get back to it in July. Well, it’s been hard! We took a road trip to New Jersey for my husband’s family reunion, followed by a long weekend of camping with friends in New Hampshire, all while trying to keep the house going and laundry done in between stops! As a result, I kind of dropped the ball with school. I had spoken to other moms and heard about how hard it is to keep going in the Summer and I learned that they were speaking the truth!

We worked through week one like champions, but then feel behind. We’re still picking up the pieces, sometimes combining two days into one. Mother Goose Time makes it easy for us to jump back in though. The pre-packaged days help me not freak out and run all over planning and gathering AND I love the planning journal that guides me. I’m really eager to move on to next month! Aesope’s fables! Woot Woot!


Trees with Mother Goose Time

This week we wrapped up the tree section in our Mother Goose Time curriculum. We are a bit behind because we’ve had a lot of stuff going on! The boys are the best at trying to keep us (me) on track. They just love working on school projects and nature has been a great theme for them! We live in a nature filled spot, so they’ve enjoyed going outside and looking a little deeper than they usually wood (would) 😉.


We’ve some really great activities this week! Both my guys loved them the youngest seems to enjoy a more pig like koala ;) my oldest really loved the bark rubbing and made us hit every tree he could get to on a veryyyy long walk!


The stories about being in a tree were my absolute favorite! I remember writing stories in first and second grade and I loved it. My oldest wrote the best story! I love me some rainbows 😍🌈


I added in some other activities for my youngest, mainly when my oldest was off reading the Thomas the Train magazines his great aunt sent him. We used his farmer’s market set to sort colors, but also to talk about what type of plant each fruit/vegetable grows on. They eventually became a snack to him 😋


I have noticed that schooling at the table is becoming difficult for us. We are working on getting a table and some additional organizing pieces, but right now I feel like I’m running all over to get things from every where! I can’t wait until our toy room becomes our school room/toy room! I’m making my very first trip to IKEA today and I have very high hopes!

Here are a few snaps of our current toy room situation, clearly taken in real time, not blogger time!



im excited to move on to air next week!

Hope you have a sun filled weekend!


*As a Mother Goose Time Ambassador I receive free curriculum for my honest posts*

Back to PRE-school

After taking the month of June off we’re back at it! My oldest will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and I have been working on planning which is made quite easy with the Timberdoodle Kit! I also got a great planner that I’ll share soon. We started with pre-school for both kids this month and for August,with the help of Mother Goose Time it is both fun and easy to plan.


Both little guys will continue with Mother Goose Time in the Fall, but M will not follow it exactly, he’ll be doing Timberdoodle as well. R will strictly be using it. I have high hopes for it! In the past R has been difficult during school time, he enjoys coloring and reading, but then often feels the need to be loud and all over M while the poor guy is trying to work! He has loved all the projects and activities, so I’m hoping that over the next two months I can get him used to activities and give him enough focus to be able to work on things independently when M needs one-on-one time. The kits are both amazing and adorable! Now on to Fall planning!


Happy 4th of July!



String art!


Please excuse the lack of pictures on this post! I was not anticipating putting it on here and then it was too cute not to!

I made this sign for my living room, because I am slowly filling every room in this house with rainbows 🌈 I just love it and I’m thinking I’ll do other one for our school room.

What ya need- a board, stain (if you want to add some color to the board), a printer/paper, wire nails, hammer, embroidery thread in desired colors, if you want to hang it you’ll also need some brackets.


1. If you want the board anything but natural you need to stain it or even paint it. Do this at least 24 hours before you plan to work on the project.

2. Print your text or image the size you want on the board and tape it exactly where you want it to go.


3. Start nailing! You are nailing right on the paper, directly around the outline of your image. Figure out how far apart you like the nails and remember you’ll be wrapping thread around them all!

4. Keep nailing 😛

5. Pull out the paper, it comes right out.

6. Then tie on your thread and start wrapping…I think random looks better for letters, but for a picture you may want to wrap in some sort of pattern.

7. Finally, if you want to hang it, attach the brackets to the back!


That’s all! Have fun!

image image

New journey!

I’m so excited to enjoy this very busy Summer and ready to gear up for our new journey this Fall! We will officially become homeschoolers! I have to admit that I’m both excited and nervous. I was lucky enough to attend a homeschool conference last weekend and learned so much. Things that made me excited and put my mind at ease. I’m also blessed to have found a neighbor who is homeschooling and several other local families who would like to join a co-op.  (Can I say that the sky just opened up and we made a mad dash to close all the windows!)

I’ve also found a curriculum that I’m excited to start! My kindergartner will be using Timberdoodle and my little guy will be joining us with Mother Goose Time! I’m also signing on as a blog ambassador for Mother Goose Time so expect lots of information and super fun reviews of their products.

So I’m pretty much saying my blog will hopefully be picking up steam and changing gears a bit, but you can’t get the crafty heart out of me :) I’ll share what I’m working on, both on here and Instagram. Also anticipate a schoolroom makeover in the near future.

Want to take a peek at Mother Goose Time now? Head here- http://www.mothergoosetime.com

Have a happy Sunday!


Dining Area Tour

If you follow me on Facebook then you know this has been a long time coming! Sorry it took so long! I haven’t been feeling very well and we seem to have a place to be everyday. After a a super long time of planning and 8 months of building we’re in our new house and slowly getting rooms just the way I (we? Nah, he lets me take care of that) like! So today we’ll start the tour! We’ll begin with the dining area…


You can see just how close to my parents we live! There’s the view of their house from our dining area! Our little lemon tree isn’t doing so hot, so if you have any tips please share them and save Lou!


Our dining table and chairs are definitely my greatest Craig’s list find ever. A somewhat local women was selling her nearly perfect Pottery Barn table and was kind enough to even deliver! The seats at the heads of table match, but not really :) one is TJMaxx chair, the other IKEA, both have Target Shabby Chic chair covers on. The small shelves are IKEA too!


Most of the things in the picture have been painted dozens of times ;) These things have traveled with us!


My wildest choices in this house go to the lighting category for sure! I am in love with my mason jar chandelier. It looks so pretty on or off! It was a plain light with glass tubes, but we switched the tubes out for wide mouth ball jars. Much better!


Here’s a not as pretty picture, taken at night…oh well! Also, this was before I “Spring-ified” my buffet and table!

Area Rug- http://www.worldmarket.com

Light- http://www.lowes.com & http://www.freshpreserving.com



We have a date! We know what day we’re moving in and it’s very soon!!! I can’t wait! I’m ready to unpack, decorate, and organize!

My dad hard at work! Over 120 houses have been built by this guy!

My dad hard at work! Over 120 houses have been built by this guy! 

I’ve been planning and buying and getting too excited! I hope to share it all in near future, for now I’ll share some of my favorite finds and purchases!

Perfect laundry room lighting from Grandin Road! http://www.grandinroad.com/metal-and-crystal-pendant/indoor-decor/743358

Perfect laundry room lighting from Grandin Road!

Coolest shoe cabinet ever from Ikea! http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20169559/

Coolest shoe cabinet ever from Ikea!

You can check out some my dad’s work at- http://www.silvacustombuilders.com


I see the light…

at the end of the housing tunnel that is! I cannot wait to move into our new house! This has been a long “journey” of squatting at my parents’. Moving your husband, 2 kids…lets specify BOYS, 5 fish, 2 snails (now 1 :/ ), and 1 dog in with your parents who you have not lived with since you moved out to go to college is…something. I cannot wait to have my own space to decorate, organize, and or not clean. Yes, Mom, the NOT clean is for you!

It seems like it’s been a long time, but over the last few days I’ve started realizing I probably won’t get this time again (insert weepy face). I won’t get to to torture my parents or annoy my mom by being her shadow, but really I’ll miss it.  I know my oldest is going to have a the hardest time adjusting to having our own house again…but we share a front yard ;) I’m sure they’ll be a ton of barefoot trips across the yard in his (and the littles) future! (Insert another weepy face as I think about how they will not be little forever).

So I leave you now to finish watching “fixer upper”, but I’ll make a promise! You’ll see lots more from me in the very near future!

i leave you with a glimpse of the new PURPLE Ball jars <3




You could call the department of… Uhhh Blog neglect(?) on me!

Since moving in with my parents I have just been horrible about updating! I’m not very good at the whole thing, so I’m really not motivated to do it!

Here’s quick word vomit about life…

Our new house! Isn't she cute?!

Our new house! Isn’t she cute?!

Our house is up and will hopefully be completed soon! I love my blue front door despite what others think! :) I have been forced to pick things and make decisions for the house and I hate decision making! My oldest turned 4! I really have no idea how that happened!

I cranked out some rainbow blankets over the summer, but decided not to open my etsy shop back up. I’ve been working on some embroidery hoops for Instagram instead. I’m still an Origami Owl designer, in fact I’m now a LEAD designer ;)

I play with kids and do “school”, cook, clean, and that’s about it! Follow me on Instagram if you want to see more! It’s so easy to throw stuff up there!

Have a fun weekend!