You could call the department of… Uhhh Blog neglect(?) on me!

Since moving in with my parents I have just been horrible about updating! I’m not very good at the whole thing, so I’m really not motivated to do it!

Here’s quick word vomit about life…

Our new house! Isn't she cute?!

Our new house! Isn’t she cute?!

Our house is up and will hopefully be completed soon! I love my blue front door despite what others think! :) I have been forced to pick things and make decisions for the house and I hate decision making! My oldest turned 4! I really have no idea how that happened!

I cranked out some rainbow blankets over the summer, but decided not to open my etsy shop back up. I’ve been working on some embroidery hoops for Instagram instead. I’m still an Origami Owl designer, in fact I’m now a LEAD designer ;)

I play with kids and do “school”, cook, clean, and that’s about it! Follow me on Instagram if you want to see more! It’s so easy to throw stuff up there!

Have a fun weekend!

Time to change the light bulbs!

Traditional light bulbs are a thing of the past! Incandescent light bulbs vanished as of January 1st 2014. As the SHOPPER for this family I’ve had to make the switch myself. I’ll definitely be checking Sylvania products out when we get to put bulbs in our future new home (I already have my lights picked out)!

Sylvania is changing with the times. Watch the video and remember them the next time a bulb goes out!

Check out this funny ad from Sylvania.

p.s. you can head over to their site for a coupon =)


*Disclosure I was given  compensation for the writing of this post and sharing information.

My Perfect Nursery

We have two months until we are scheduled to close so I am putting off packing and such for a while longer…but, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself! The other day I was sitting in my older son’s room and I suddenly started to feel super sad. I love that room! Can I just take that room with me!?

Mr.M's Room

I remember spending my long hot super pregnant summer days painting animals all around that room!

boys room2 boysroom3 boysroom4

I thought (and still think) farm theme is the best nursery theme!


I spent the early Fall making this quilt for his arrival. I remember finishing on Halloween night while watching Hocus Pocus! He FINALLY arrived on his due date 5 days later =)

When he was about 10 months old the Thomas invasion started. So we worked in trains!


Then before Mr.R arrived we took my dresser from when I was a baby and had my brother paint it blue and replaced the knobs with these awesome train knobs and pulls!

boysroom9 boysroom7

We intended on keeping this in the baby’s (transportation) room , but Mr.M begged me to move it to his room. So there it sits!

Anywho, good bye room and good bye paintings! I’m taking the rest with me =)


Nutella! Yummmm

So what’s new…..not too much! Still living in our house, we are scheduled to move out in May! Yahooo! In the meantime we are planning and going about our days.

I started up Insanity again! I’m relying on the motivation from the wonderful Sara at Slim Down With Sara! Check her out on Facebook!  I check her page multiple times a day to get myself going =) No dieting for me though! Just eating normally! 

I’ve also started planning our summer vacation, but I’m struggling between two places now! Grrrrr


If you’re here you’re probably here for this! Image

Beautiful! Delicious! Tiny!

Nutella!!! So if you were lucky enough to get the buy one get one coupon for Nutella, then you definitely have enough to make this!

I found this delicious recipe at Cooking Classy (

Because I made mini ones I had to add an extra 1/4c milk to the doughnut recipe, I needed it to be the right consistency to pipe the dough into the molds. I love my mini doughnut pan! 

These are by far the best thing ever! My oldest begged to have them for breakfast today…I caved, but he did have a banana too ;)



I also have to give a shout out to my wonderful mom! She made me this for my birthday! Image


Perfect isn’t it!?



*** For some reason attaching links is just not working today. Please see  the addresses in the post.***

Milk free Mac and Cheese!

I’m a mac and cheese lover, but I am horribly lactose intolerant…boo! Sometimes I just suffer, other times I use Lactaid milk, but this week I changed things up. I’m sure I’m not the first person to try this, but I must share because I think it’s better this way!


Milk free rue is delightful! The SUPERSTAR of it is chicken broth!



-Cook your macaroni and drain

-In a medium sized pot melt 3Tbs butter (or whatever substitute you want)

-Add 1 1/4c Chicken broth 

-Add 2Tbs flour to thicken and bring to low boil. Stir to prevent burning

-Start to slowly add cheese. I used 2c Monterey Jack and 1c Cheddar. Continue stirring to avoid burning.

-Season with a small amount of salt (if you used broth containing sodium) and pepper.

-After it’s all melted add it to the cooked pasta.


So, in our house mac and cheese does not qualify as a main dish unless there’s something else in there for protein. Today we went with cooked ham and avocado. I just cut them up into small pieces.Image

-Now start to layer! One layer Mac and cheese, next layer ham and avocado and repeat.

-Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes or until all melty and it starts bubbling. 


Here it is finished! It’s delicious! Better without milk!




ps. starting my second week of insanity and I’m already seeing results!





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Oh, what am I giving away?! One Matryoshka doll….made to look however you want! 


Just like these ladies! 




Up too late

All I can say is Oscars hangover with a side of someone wet the bed at midnight! I’m exhausted and I found myself pushing myself to try and complete my list so I could do nothing, NOTHING! I want to sit and do nothing!

My brain was so scattered today that I actually had to write out a list of what I needed to do. It was so bad that I  put “lunch time” on there. Sorry Ellen, you stinko! You took too long and went over and now I’m unbelievably tired. On top of that I have a three year old who will not stop talking. Still, right now, talking away. My husband is home, dinner is done, and I’m supposed to be invisible for 20 minutes, but he won’t stop. Over and over “mommy, I have to tell you something”. I feel bad, but I would like silence! Little sleep is not helping at the moment! When is bed time!?!

I would like to say that I plan on going to bed super early and blah blah blah, but I don’t see that happening! I have things to do!  I’m happy that the creative part of my brain is going again and non-stop. My husband really does not enjoy these times, for whatever reason he doesn’t like going into the shower and seeing all my ideas written on the walls with crayola bath crayons. You would think he would be used to it by now. =)

When today was feeling really difficult I received a wonderful phone call!!! Our P&S was signed!!! We are now ready to count down to closing!!!


The phone call was clearly the most exciting part of my day! Tomorrow I will make my countdown to closing chain (yes, like I’m 5)

Everything seems to be really happening now! I didn’t think this point would ever come, but here it is.

We purchased the land (with a family discount) from my parents! This is me and my mom right after we closed!

We purchased the land (with a family discount) from my parents! This is me and my mom right after we closed!

As I start to think of all the packing and storing that needs to be done I feel even more tired! BUT, BLESSED! We are so lucky to have this opportunity!

Now I will put the small men in bed and try this…


Thank you for the sample Meaningful Beauty! I’m excited to try this tonight!


A ton and nothing at all

We have been both busy and bored. Some days it feels like a ton of things are going on and other days nothing, despite all being nearly the same! 

The for sale sign on our house went up on our house on February 13th, our first showing was Feb 17th and that was the lady! We feel so lucky and blessed for such speed on this! All we can do is pray that this continues to go smoothly. As people who have bought or sold a house know…there is a ton of unknowns that leads up to a closing. 

I’m super excited and super sad! We bought this house before we were even married! I frantically painted to try and finish everything before our wedding, we started our married life here, both children came home from the hospital to HERE. I feel like I will really miss this place, but at the same time I don’t want this HERE to be MINE anymore. I’m seriously ready for the next chapter and our new SUGAR COOKIE COTTAGE! Tomorrow is a big day in taking the next step to it! Woohoo!



You’re almost mine ;)


Other than that…I turned 30, my husband turned 32, I changed my Etsy shop name, I made a few things, I played, cooked, cleaned, lived.


You can check out my new and improved Etsy page here!

Here’s a peek at some of the things I’ve made recently!




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This past weekend we celebrated my little man’s 1st birthday! We had a great weekend with our family and friends, the kids definitely miss Auntie Holly and Auntie Stacy! We had a great Thomas themed party! I’m starting to master the Thomas party, this time I put a baby spin on it by skipping most “Thomas” decorations and doing aqua and red with polka dots (I love polka dots!). 



The cake and cupcakes were amazing! A to Z cakes does a wonderful job!

Mr.R is loving his Thomas Power Wheels! He’s even started driving backwards!


Sunday was another busy day for us! We officially put our home up for sale! Today will be spent cleaning, but it already seems I have two small men working against me! So far a potted plant has been knocked over =/ 


Have a great Tuesday!